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Study Right brand deals specifically with ergonomic, height-adjustable desks and chairs, which are expertly designed to encourage children to practise good posture from an early age in order to aid positive and life-long health benefits.

Study Right is an Irish brand offering the highest standards in quality furniture and our range reaches European SVHC standards.

At Study Right, we are aware that it is hugely important for children and adults alike to study or work at a desk that is suited to their height. Our specially-designed chairs and desks, with their adjustable height and desktop functions, encourage the user to assume a relaxed position while studying or playing, which will help to protect the spine during growth and development, while also avoiding eye strain. Additional features include a tiltable desktop, elbow support, pull-out storage drawer and more. Given the fact that ergonomic furniture such as that provided by Study Right is slowly beginning to replace the traditional desk.

Study Right study desks and chairs are not only suited to home use, but also can be used as school desks and chairs, they can be set up to the right height to suit every individual childs needs.